Mold manufacturing equipment

As we produce pressed and plastic products, we manufacture the molds that are the mother tool for that production. Mold design and manufacturing is done by the engineering department, with a staff of 16 on design and 25 on manufacturing, producing approx. 70 molds per month.

Horizontal machining center

The awesome machining ability that produces the finest rigidity

Vertical machining center

Highest surface quality making any kind of high precision machining possible

Surface grinding machine

High precision machining, and increased work efficiency
General purpose machine conceived for ease of operation

Coordinate Measuring Machine

CNC portal machines: the world’s top class of quality assurance in 3D

3D scanner

Takes 3D data from the object to be measured without making contact
The latest laser scanner

Equipment specifications and number of units

Machine name Maker name Remarks Number of units
Wire-cut EDM machine Mitsubishi Electric FA30 10
Wire-cut EDM machine with pallet changer Makino   4
High-speed small-hole electric discharge machine Sodick   1
NC die sinking electric discharge machine Sodick   1
Vertical machining center YASDA,DMG Mori Seiki YBM640V,YBM1218V,NVX5080 3
Machining center with pallet changer Mitsui Seiki, DMG Mori Seiki HU50A,VT3A,NHX6300 3
Hydraulic surface grinding machine Nagase, Kuroda Precision, Okamoto   7
Formed grinding machine Nikko, Okamoto   9
Carbide tool grinder Tsugami   1
Milling machine Enshu and others   1
W crank press machine AIDA 250t、200t、160t 4
S crank press machine AIDA、Komatsu   17
Rolling key clutch press machine Dobby 40t、20t 2
SmartScope OGP   1
Coordinate Measuring Machine Mitutoyo   1
Optical microscope Nikon   2
3D scanner Keyence   1
3DCAD Solidworks Japan Solid Works 4
CAM C&G Systems CAM-TOOL 1
3DCAD C&G Systems CGーMOLD 2
Flow analysis software Autodesk MOLD FLOW 1