Pressed products mass production equipment

Pressed products are mass produced at two factories, Horigane and Mino. Combined, the two factories have approx. 250 pressing machines from 20 to 400 tons. The production lines are the progressive press die line and the press robot line.

Press robot line

Handles the highly difficult processing of automobile parts.
Work is transported by high speed servomotor robots

Coordinate Measuring Machine

An indispensable measuring device for quality assurance on pressed parts that demand accuracy

High rigidity/high precision press machine

AIDA UL 250t
A high rigidity press machine that makes high precision forging possible

Specifications and number of units

Machine name Maker name Remarks Number of units
Progressive presses machine Dobby, AIDA, Komatsu 20t、35t、40t、60t、80t、110t、160t、200t、300t、400t 51
80 ton robot press line AIDA   5 line
110 ton robot press line AIDA   1 line
110 ton and 150 ton robot press line AIDA   1 line
Robot press machine AIDA 200t、250t、300t 6
Blanking press machine AIDA, Komatsu 250t、300t 5
Punching press machine AIDA 60t、80t 3
Single press line and hand work press machine Dobby, AIDA 20t、45t、60t、80t 42
Washing machine (hydrocarbon system cleaning equipment) Mikuni Industry and others   3
Washing machine (methylene chloride system cleaning equipment) Nippon Kakoki Co.   2
Washing machine (alkali ion cleaning equipment) Takahashi Metal Industries   1
Robot welder Yaskawa Electric Corporation   1
Spot welder Daihen, Chuo Seisakusho, Panasonic   15
Formed grinding machine Okamoto, Nikko Kikai, Kuroda   10
Surface grinding machine Nikko Kikai, Nagase Integrex   4
Carbide tool grinder Tsugami   2
Water-cooled electric discharge machine Mitsubishi Electric   6
Coordinate measuring machine (contact type) Mitutoyo   4
Coordinate measuring machine (non-contact type) OGP, Nikon   5
Measuring microscope Nikon, Mitutoyo   10
Image measuring machine Keyence   3