Mold Technology Is Endless

We are doing research to make high-precision molds.
The goal is "more deeper" and "more precision".

SANKO’s Solutions

We Have Equipment that Can Cover Everything
from Micro Parts to Large Parts

It can also handle large lot products.

SANKO’s Proud Facilities

Parts Can Be More Environmentally Friendly

Making these parts with consideration
for the global environment is extremely important.

Approach to Society and the Environment

Aiming for Sustainable Development

We have a management policy to achieve the SDGs.

Approach to SDGs

Products & Technology

Sanko uses its "dedicated" mold technology, which has a history of over half a century, to produce high-precision composite products, mainly presses and plastics.


Sanko has equipment that can cover from small precision-pressed parts to large parts. We have a total of 250 press machines with 20t to 400t press machines and about 70 injection molding machines with 15t to 450t. In addition, The molds are manufactured approximately 70 planes per month.


We introduce Sanko’s strong fields which have comprehensive strength trough integrated production and processing technics to realize shortened delivery times, highly difficulty, and high quality.


Head office

959 Hirookanomura, Shiojiri, Nagano 399-0782

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