Plastic products

Ultra-high precision molding gears


We can support all kinds of gears such as spur, helical, and worm.
We offer high precision gears not only in non-reinforced grade, but also in glass filler and other reinforced grades.
Inspection and correction of gear accuracy with JIS gear measuring machine and JGMA gear alignment tester makes high precision gears possible.

Key technology
  • Correct gate position for improved roundness
  • Material suggestions depending on your use for the gears
  • Photoreceptor gears, motor gears, drive and paper feed gears
  • Resin materials: PC, PA, POM, etc.
  • Size: up to 120 mm diameter
  • JIS tooth profile error: grade 3 (old JIS)
  • JIS tooth trace error: grade 4 (old JIS)
  • JGMA: grade 1