Press stamping and injection molding processing that make quick delivery, high complexity, and high quality a feasible.

Press stamping and injection molding head enter the value added age

“Make advanced parts inexpensively. And speedily, too.” SANKO’s pressing and plastics techniques can actually respond to this contradictory request. In this day and age, stable mass production is taken for granted. In response to the demands of the present, SANKO continues to develop, design, and manufacture products perfect for our customers. We confidently deliver high value-added products that are more than just mere parts.

Pressed products

Reconsidering the way parts have been composed and created up to now, it might be possible to replace them with pressed goods.

Plastic products

The changeover from metal materials to plastic, pressed and plastic assembly products and high precision products, and more.

Mass production

A collection of equipment that makes high-mix mass production a reality

We have the latest automated equipment with thorough quality control, and can work around the clock to deliver your products inside Japan or overseas. From High-mix and highly challenging products to mass production, we can respond to our customers’ needs.

Development of products in new fields

We are starting to try our hand at new product fields, processing new materials for green products like busbars and smart grids, and the development of new technology such as flexible sensors, high tensile steel, and thick copper pieces.
This is because SANKO believes we have a duty to provide technologies that will be valuable in the future.

Insert molding and outsert molding

By procuring pressed parts and cut parts from the same company’s factory, it’s possible to manage the measurements in minute detail.

Quality control

Our strict control and equipment deliver reliability.

To meet the customer’s requested quality level, and to maintain and manage high precision and high quality products, our complete inspection equipment and in-process quality control system provide products you can trust.

Video measuring microscope (SmartScope)

We understand our process capabilities before measuring with the SmartScope high-precision measuring machine. This shortens the production process.

Clean rooms and clean booths

From interior packaging to molds, clean rooms and clean booths are a thorough control.

Dimension measurement

The customer comes first in quality control.