Plastic products mass production equipment

Vertical and horizontal types combined, we have 60 injection molding machines from 15 tons to 350 tons. And we also produce many assembly products such as inserts molding and assemblies.

Electric horizontal molding machine

General molding machines

Automatic insert equipment

Automatically detects the bias of sintered parts
Equipment to automatically insert them

Assembly area/semi-automatic equipment

Assembly of Adequate equipment for the level of parts and production volume makes in-house production possible

Electric vertical type injection molding machine

150 ton molding machine for rotary type insert molding

Automatic insert equipment

Equipment that molds automatic inserts making use of SCARA robots for nut and color supply

Automatic boxing equipment

Labor-saving equipment that automatically boxes products

Equipment specifications and number of units

Machine name Maker name Remarks Number of units
Horizontal injection molding machine FANUC, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Japan Steel Works, Sodick, TOYO 15t、18t、30t、50t、60t、75t、100t、150t、180t、280t、300t、350t 56
Vertical injection molding machine Japan Steel Works, Sodick 100t、150t 6
Robot equipment Yamaha, Denso   3
Coordinate Measuring Machine Mitutoyo   2
CNC image measurement system Nikon   1
Gear mesh tester (JGMA) Osaka Seimitsu   1
Gear measuring machine (JIS) Osaka Seimitsu   1
Tool maker’s microscope Mitutoyo   1