Taking mold technology deeper and more detailed

Mold technology development

Development system that isn’t afraid to fail

We preserve numerous failures from the prototyping stage in a showcase and save them for data. At SANKO, the failures that educate us on the road to the next development are a precious treasure. There is no development without failures.

Through continued research night and day, and repeated trial and error, we are able to deliver “excellent products meeting the customer’s specifications.” Today, as every day, we continue development without fear of failure.

Failures from the prototyping stage resting in a showcase on the second floor of our main office
We patented this heatsink.

Mold design

Many plans exchanged with customers for much of our output up to now. Their number speaks volumes about SANKO’s achievements.
Insipient ideas from the customer, requests for cost reduction, etc. From the development stage, SANKO thinks with the customer, agonizing with them over every single product we produce. Our reliable design proposals are backed by our accumulated experience and a wealth of accomplishments. With our consistent production system, SANKO’s technical prowess shines brightest from the design stage, with this sort of proposal from the upstream process.

Mold making

Wire-cut equipment makes high precision parts processing possible

Ultra-high precision molds and for high precision/high difficulty parts

The mold is the mother tool that has the greatest effect on the quality and productivity of processing, and from pressed to plastic molds, we respond with high precision and quick delivery time. The mold making system is rooted in the technology cultivated since our founding, taking full advantage of 3D CAD/CAM and NC machines for an advanced system that delivers any kinds of molds sure to meet our customers’ needs with a speed nobody can match.

Mold making makes ample use of the machining center and wire-cut equipment, and we work with coherence from development to design and manufacture of ultra-high precision molds that can accommodate any kind of part.