Comprehensive strength through integrated production

We can provide in the total packaging from concept phase to mass production phase

SANKO does press stamping and injection molding work and parts processing in-house, and by co-designing with our customers, we can propose the total package right up to mass production of the product: concept construction study drawing up plans parts production reliability evaluation.

When procuring parts from multiple companies

When procuring parts from multiple companies, exchanges and adjustments with each individual company take time, management of your supply becomes cumbersome, and ultimately it leads to increased costs.

  • Communication about parts for every assembly
  • Multi-process production also increases costs
  • Difficulty knowing where responsibility lies


SANKO manufactures everything from stamping parts, injection molding parts, assembly parts, to high precision digital components. You can purchasing the parts from a one company, and we can go from new idea and concepts to production drawings, making shortened delivery times and cost reduction possible.

  • Possible from entrusted design
  • Shorten the time lag from ordering and shipping each part
  • Entire process can be made a centralized unit
  • Steady product supply
  • Shortened delivery date and reduced costs

Unit assembly reliability evaluation

ANSYS structural analysis system

At SANKO, we use ANSYS, so we can run a structural analysis simulation at the design stage. Simulating whether it is sufficiently strong or resistant to vibrations in advance ties into the unit assembly’s reliability evaluation, risk avoidance, and cost reduction, and more than anything it allows us to propose the best shape.


Pressed and plastics come from their respective factories, or all procured parts are collected in one place, and assembled by hand under a strict management system. The assembled parts undergo a second check, and are then delivered to the customer.